Sunday, 14 June 2009


i came across this replay cover( in english) of aozorafantasii~
its seriously amazing!!

Download mp3:

TABS posted on ultimate-guitar by confuzzlld

(must credit her if ur plannin to cover~)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

jajangmyunnie's take on spring flowers

check jajang out playing Gade's Spring FLowers

its a pretty piece..
and am sorry if i (Kinda) ruined it!!
im starting to think i didnt do justice to the piece~


yes guys.(and gals!!)
mozart chopin and beethoven arent the only pianists/composers out there!

is it just me or does my hand look a bit too awkward playing this?

Sunday, 26 April 2009

joo ji hoon arrested

its a fact. hes a drugie..

he, along with Yoon Seol-hee, Yeh Hak-young was arrested for drug taking. He reportedly admitted to the accusation.

Yoon Seol-hee - who allegedly bought and smuggled Ecstacy And Ketamine from Japan - apparently spilled some names- about 15, 7 of which are celebrities.

omo omo
This couldn't get any bigger.
Joo Ji Hoon could lose all that he has and all he has worked for so far. He's most known for being Prince Shin in Goong, which is greatly acknowledged around Asia.
He is(was) seen as a role model to youngins, therefore, could lose all endorsements and etc.

Korean Showbusiness must be pretty hard..mustnt it?
With the amount of celebrity suicide happening, I guess, this shouldn't really come as a surprise~ Theres a small flicker of hope.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

goong: the japanese version

we all loved goong aka princess hours aka the palace
and from what i see, Japan's following the remake trend too!

everyone remaking these days..even hollywood is~
running out of ideas are we?
tsk tsk

well anyway..

yamapi will play Prince Shin(Joo ji hoon)

our dear second prince Yul(Kim jung hoon)<3 will be played by Oguri Shun
And Yoon Eunhye's role will be played by 1 Litre of Tear's lead actress sawajiri erika

so what do you think??
There were even rumors about Tamaki Hiroshi(Nodame's Chiaki-senpai)

~cant resist the urge to post this pic..hes tooo adorable in it!!!~
Personally, I think there are far too much remakes going on, and seeing that Goong is a much loved and well accepted drama- its a bit of a risky business..
Very much like Hana Yori Dango turned into Boys Over Flowers- they've stirred quite an argument about it.

However, Hana Yori itself was a remake from also a wellknown manga and drama adaptation, it was done beautifully and some would prefer it out of the 3 counterparts. So, I'm hoping they'd make a good version out of it.

*Princess hours was also adapted from a manhwa(korean manga), probably about 100 somethingchapters long~i regret to say i haven't finished it.

big question..

i love them both!!!
but i suppose
tamaki hiroshi would be too old, and besides, am already anticipating his 2010 Chiaki comeback!!!!xD

yamapi--well..hes yamapi!enough said..
but dont you think shun would be a better prince shin??

and theyre both well known would be better to give the others a chance~

(Prince Yul was too pretty..itd be hard for them to look for someone who could match his prettiness!)heehee

How about one of the Gokusen 2 or even 3 guys play the part?
we need fresh faced teens here!!!A familiar face might be too much of a gambe..


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

cover that!!!

StillnotDavid did his cover on because im stupid aka jihoo-jandi theme sang by SS501(SS301heehee)
...and its worth loving it!

click, watch, listen and relive the BoF days~

he kinda looks like tablo(epik high) doesnt he?

Sunday, 19 April 2009

haruvid: BEPs back!!!

heres the official MV of BOOMBOOMPOW!!!

love the song~
the music vids a bit=.=
(maybe because i prefer MVs with storylines..)

it certainly very futuristic tho..
nyways am gunna warm up to it after watchin it more~

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Jangvid: Only You complete trailer (Fdrama)

here it iss!!!!


i love the fact that theyve changed it to suit the filipino environment~
theyve set it in korea!!!its not a total copycat!!!heehee
i loves~
im so excited!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Kim So Eun says hello to Silverscreen

Kim So Eun, (better known as Ga eul from flowerboy drama Boys over Flowers) will be heading towards theatres in Korea. She is to star as a high school student along side Yoo Seong Ho( Fly Daddy Fly) in a currently unnamed mystery-thriller.

Filming starts April 09 and will hit korean theatres on August. Seung Ho (16) is also currently filming 71 along with BigBang's Seung Ri and Kim Bum.

tsk tsk..although am thrilled to see offers lining up for both kimbum and so eun, i cant deny the fact that am a tinee bit disappointed. From what I heard, there was no conclusions to soeul in BoF..

p.s. he is 4 years her junior. So eun is 20..(19 in western standards.)

( 'from what ive heard' --i didn't finish BoF. I don't intend to..i cant!!!ill wait for a year before the season 2 begins~)


jangvid: so-eul movie!

to all yi jun-ga eul lovers out there~
this is a must watch!

its an utterly convincing fanvid..
very good editing from East of Eden(kimbum as mini song seung heon) and from Boys over Flowers

as the end of BoF starts to sink in..
a feeling of emptiness forms

so,, at the height of giddiness..
heres another vid of our beloved so-eul couple..its meant to be a continuation of their characters..
its a CF for Anycall..

all dongsaeng group SHINee sings for our cutesy couple~

here it is:

Fdrama: Only you trailer

heres the trailer~
its just introductions..looking forward to the trailer with real clips in!
(they really look like the korean cast don't they?; i loved the kversion,..hope they can do justice!!)

another one am lookin forward to:
lovers in paris pinoy version!

haruvid: susan boyle..watchit!!!

click the photo or click me!
(wasnt able to download it~my utube downloader crashed-.-..tsk tsk)

a must see~
everyones talkin bout it!!
a definate shocker!xD

Susan Boyle Dreams a Dream on Britain's got talent~

*watch it including the intro up until the comments in the end**
yeah, me too! I was watching it with my sister the other day and nearly choked on whatever I was eating at the time!!
quite a big twist for a talent show.. And Amanda's right..and Simon..well.. he's in his own little world isn't he?
He wouldn't be Simon Cowell if he didn't react like that~

(the song's from LesMis, its a pretty song..I've yet to see the musical but I'll find time-.-)


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Jajjangmyunnie: confessions of a fangirl

If it was a disease, I'd be long dead...

ive suffered the symptoms, abstained- or atleast tried to- but not even lasted..
thats how serious it is~

I even tried to fast,
I couldn't last a day.
it was an addiction,

an avid obsession

long sleepless nights..after an exciting, yet uneventful day..

thats how my life is..

Ladies and gents,,
this is your blogger..

pleased to meet you!!!

enough with the drama~

before i carry on, id like to press the fact that I, in no way think of this as a disease, much rather a healthy obsession. (i duwanna call it an addiction because it..just..sounds.wrong..heehee)


let's talk business...

am in to,,

j,kdrama(and ofcourse a bit of filipino dramas too!;D)
boybands(mainly kpop; girlbands- i dont loathe~*heehee)

so basically, am a fangirl that giggles into little aegyo things and follow news bout them~

my world kinda revolves around this~

i wanna be a selfproclaimed otaku..but i guess its not gunna happen..soo~
i made this blog.. i wanted to share to the world my thoughts (and partly jealous of people who has them, esp those who makes reviews!!!heekheek)