Saturday, 25 April 2009

goong: the japanese version

we all loved goong aka princess hours aka the palace
and from what i see, Japan's following the remake trend too!

everyone remaking these days..even hollywood is~
running out of ideas are we?
tsk tsk

well anyway..

yamapi will play Prince Shin(Joo ji hoon)

our dear second prince Yul(Kim jung hoon)<3 will be played by Oguri Shun
And Yoon Eunhye's role will be played by 1 Litre of Tear's lead actress sawajiri erika

so what do you think??
There were even rumors about Tamaki Hiroshi(Nodame's Chiaki-senpai)

~cant resist the urge to post this pic..hes tooo adorable in it!!!~
Personally, I think there are far too much remakes going on, and seeing that Goong is a much loved and well accepted drama- its a bit of a risky business..
Very much like Hana Yori Dango turned into Boys Over Flowers- they've stirred quite an argument about it.

However, Hana Yori itself was a remake from also a wellknown manga and drama adaptation, it was done beautifully and some would prefer it out of the 3 counterparts. So, I'm hoping they'd make a good version out of it.

*Princess hours was also adapted from a manhwa(korean manga), probably about 100 somethingchapters long~i regret to say i haven't finished it.

big question..

i love them both!!!
but i suppose
tamaki hiroshi would be too old, and besides, am already anticipating his 2010 Chiaki comeback!!!!xD

yamapi--well..hes yamapi!enough said..
but dont you think shun would be a better prince shin??

and theyre both well known would be better to give the others a chance~

(Prince Yul was too pretty..itd be hard for them to look for someone who could match his prettiness!)heehee

How about one of the Gokusen 2 or even 3 guys play the part?
we need fresh faced teens here!!!A familiar face might be too much of a gambe..



  1. "..but dont you think shun would be a better prince shin??"i'm shocked that this phrase came out from you, but i totally agree!Hahahahahaha!!!

    But they're both (Yamapi and Shun) decent actors..and i have to agree again, it'd be a gamble once they do the part..But knowing that they have huge fanbases already, it'd definitely add to the impact of the upcoming show..;)

  2. waaa! though i'm not into dramas that much, go! go! shun!

  3. i like tamaki.. but yamapi good too.. just.. yamapi have a teeth problem he doesnt look cute when he smile...
    i hope akanishi jin will become lee shin...

  4. sawajiri erika is great. totally agreed!!