Sunday, 26 April 2009

joo ji hoon arrested

its a fact. hes a drugie..

he, along with Yoon Seol-hee, Yeh Hak-young was arrested for drug taking. He reportedly admitted to the accusation.

Yoon Seol-hee - who allegedly bought and smuggled Ecstacy And Ketamine from Japan - apparently spilled some names- about 15, 7 of which are celebrities.

omo omo
This couldn't get any bigger.
Joo Ji Hoon could lose all that he has and all he has worked for so far. He's most known for being Prince Shin in Goong, which is greatly acknowledged around Asia.
He is(was) seen as a role model to youngins, therefore, could lose all endorsements and etc.

Korean Showbusiness must be pretty hard..mustnt it?
With the amount of celebrity suicide happening, I guess, this shouldn't really come as a surprise~ Theres a small flicker of hope.


  1. What the hell?
    I'm quite surprised that he turned out to be such an..uh, a drugie.
    Anyway He's still hot.
    Maybe he still has to patch up some notches before he comes back on track.
    God Bless him..haha